Year: 2017

Robbed, but not a victim

Ladies, watch your purses! Mine was stolen when I casually placed it on the chair next to me while having lunch at a local Corner

Conscious Listening

Are you done? It’s my turn to talk. All too often that is the ‘conversation’ that takes place when even the most committed of couples

Letting go of outcome

Did you ever have a bothersome notion that you couldn’t shake, an unusually focused presumption about something that was so persistent it played in the

What do you need it for?

Leaving the house earlier in the week I found myself oddly nervous and delightfully excited as I trotted off to my first day at school.

There are many types of intelligence

This is the month when another class of graduates leaves the cloisters and ventures into the world at large. The diploma awarded, however, does not

Life happens for us, not to us

“If I could have one moment free from stress I would know true happiness.” It is unsettling to note how often I have heard that