Yoga Therapy

Another Doorway to Wellness Using Kundalini Yoga to balance the body, mind, and spirit

Kundalini Yoga is a time-honored, Eastern-medicine technology using physical poses, sound and breath to create a flow of energy that can literally manifest a shift in awareness… convert negativity into optimism… and by doing so, release the emotional blocks that keep us from realizing our true potential. Anyone can do it, even if you have never taken a yoga class of any kind.

I know first hand how the process can dissolve the self-limiting beliefs that tie us to the past, having participated in over two hundred hours of training to earn my Kundalini Yoga certification. Behavior, thoughts and feelings are all interconnected — change any one, and the others will change as well. Integrating Kundalini Yoga with the healing powers of traditional talk therapy and hypnotherapy provides another opportunity to connect mind, body and spirit into a balanced sum of the parts, replacing worry with trust in one’s self.