Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Has Proven Effective for:

Habitual Behavior

drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, eating, gambling disorders

Stress Related Illness

ulcers, TMJ, headaches, insomnia, IBS, chronic pain

Fears, Phobia, Anxiety Disorders

can be relieved

Unfulfilled Relationships

fear of intimacy, co-dependency

There are many benefits unique to the remarkable, therapeutic intervention of hypnotherapy. Perhaps most dramatic, is the clarity of the connection between the present and the past that becomes evident to the client in the course of a session. In an altered state of deep relaxation, access to the sub-conscious mind is possible, and feelings that have been dormant or disavowed can be revealed with stunning clarity. Once the repressed material is brought to awareness and integrated into the conscious mind, change comes quickly and dramatically.

Integrating Hypnotherapy and Therapy

Hypnotherapy in a therapeutic environment is not a parlor trick. The intention is to use the trance state to quickly access the unconscious mind and the emotional state of the client. With the therapist’s help, the client makes the connection between the feelings that are revealed and his or her present day behavior. By recognizing the connection, a change in behavior is possible.

Hypnotherapy is a skill that can be learned in and of itself. But it takes a professional therapist who understands the dynamics of human behavior to help the client make sense of what the experience reveals.

Hypnotherapy for treating weight problems and habitual behavior

Hypnotherapy can be especially effective in treating eating, smoking, sex or gambling disorders. Using hypnotherapy, the therapist can go beyond traditional “talk therapy” and focus on the component often missing from traditional treatment of compulsive behavior, getting to the emotional reasons behind the problem.

When clients get to the emotional core of their problem, they re-experience feelings from the past that ignited the problematic behavioral response. By reliving the event, they can change the emotional “script” and gain awareness of how to take control of unhealthy habits and replace them with new, healthy ones.

There are many uses for hypnotherapy

If you recognize that you are not fulfilling your full potential as a responsible adult, hypnotherapy can offer valuable benefits.

There is no reason to be stuck in old, destructive patterns of behavior. As the National Institutes of Health have chronicled and as thousands before you already have experienced, hypnotherapy can help eliminate compulsive behavior, reduce many chronic physical illnesses and relieve anxiety.