Author: Arlene Englander

Spring cleaning – time for renewal and fresh resolutions

There is something symbolic about the advent of Spring, the snow mounds melting after covering the garden beds, the early crocuses reminding us it’s time to refresh the soil and plant new seeds. I think we all withdraw a bit

The amazing healing power of your bedroom mirror

When I started practice years ago, referencing the body-mind-spirit connection was not a prominent part of popular medical conversation. Symptoms of illness were correlated to specific sources of pain and diagnosed accordingly. “Wellness” typically was defined as the absence of

Get ready to flee, there’s a crocodile around the corner

I watched an interesting documentary recently, entitled “Heal.” It is an apt title, as the thesis of the film focuses on the impact our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have on our health and the ability of the body to heal

Creating your ‘diamond self’

Just as pressure makes diamonds it is the stress of life’s difficulties that creates our ‘diamond self.’ My wise teacher, Yogi Bhajan, describes the analogy thusly: Without pressure, carbon can never become diamond. If you think you cannot stand the

Will 2019 be, truly and at long last, your happy new year!

Perhaps I’ve told this anecdotal story before, but it’s worth repeating for all of us waiting to win the lottery rather than open a savings account. After a lecture or workshop, followers of the Siddha Yoga guru Baba Muktananda would

A difficult year ends with optimism… and determination

There were times this year when a stretch of front-page headlines in 48-point Helvetica-Bold reported unendingly about a world shrouded in relentless gloom. For months on end the captions were ominous, cumulonimbus clouds carrying warnings of clamorous, divisive politics, increasingly

The opposite of evil

The horrific events of the past weeks – and of the past few years and of the past centuries – cannot be ignored. These crimes against humanity were not random events; they were choices by people who came from a

Finding peace in a world of chaos

Two and a half years ago I posted an Update that focused on the same dilemma, how to live with open hearts and love for fellow man when the world around us was on the brink of madness? Regretfully, the

Emoticons are not substitutes for genuine emotions

Today the Cloud rains data and there is no place to hide from the torrent of information, be it fatuous, inane, or profane. When the Internet was introduced, information was transmitted at the rate of 1,000 bits a second. Today

In the midst of a discrepancy

The tears in my office flow from familiar stories about growing up as a kid who experiences what he/she has been taught to believe is ‘love’ when in reality the behavior is anything but. The emotional confusion that results from