Author: Arlene Englander

Finding peace in a world of chaos

Two and a half years ago I posted an Update that focused on the same dilemma, how to live with open hearts and love for fellow man when the world around us was on the brink of madness? Regretfully, the

Emoticons are not substitutes for genuine emotions

Today the Cloud rains data and there is no place to hide from the torrent of information, be it fatuous, inane, or profane. When the Internet was introduced, information was transmitted at the rate of 1,000 bits a second. Today

In the midst of a discrepancy

The tears in my office flow from familiar stories about growing up as a kid who experiences what he/she has been taught to believe is ‘love’ when in reality the behavior is anything but. The emotional confusion that results from

The not so merry go round

If there is one common trait found in all of us it is the propensity to stay stuck in the past. Literally thousands of articles and books have been written about this fruitless endeavor, an illusion that the carousel can

The pain is in the brain

There are 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic back and neck pain, fibromyalgia symptoms and other forms of pain. The standard treatment: opiods, prescribed at a level of 640 morphine milligram equivalents per person, actually down from 782 milligrams

Stop “should-ing” all over yourself

I heard this harshly descriptive headline from a client. She told me it was what her father would say to her when she got caught up in second-guessing after a project didn’t meet her own high bar of success. He

The Middle Way

I watch it occur in my office so often: the mind racing madly to escape a situation that exists only because of having fallen victim to some version of the idealized notion of who we think we ought to be,

Reminding ourselves of the basic tenets of happiness

Money can’t buy it. As each generation approaches their senior years, a common understanding prevails, a person can have all the luxuries in the world, but without love, they mean very little. Ultimately, the lesson is learned, you simply can’t

Send yourself a Valentine’s Day Card

Think twice before you mail a Valentine’s Day card. The flowery verse offers lovely poetry but has genuine meaning only when the sentiments are not a showy cover up for a desperate need to be loved. Send that loving energy

Putting the resolve into your New Year’s resolution

My updates for the last few January’s have gently suggested that New Year’s resolutions are not particularly helpful because they focus on making judgments of presumed negatives’ whereas conveying intentions puts the focus on creating long lasting strategies leading to