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Move over Grandma Moses

For the past year it feels as if I have been in a made-for-cable television rom com… you’ve watched it often, where the last scene

Who are you?

How do we identify ourselves nowadays? It’s considerably more complicated than previously. Depending on the form we’re asked to fill out, there’s a drill down

The Fallen Angel

Recently, a client whom I admire greatly, arrived at the office crestfallen and despondent, a considerable change from his usual upbeat and optimistic demeaner. “I

Good advice from a Yogi tea bag

Still another news day of intractability and personal insult, politicians cemented in ideology, negotiating with ‘winner-take-all,’ zero-sum mentalities. I shake my head in dismay, watching


It was the end of a midweek workday when the phone rang. My friends Judy and Jim were on the Eden’s Expressway heading home, when