Year: 2016

America looks different this morning

My husband posts a weekly piece on the Chicago Tribune’s digital blog. His commentary immediately after the election reflects the apprehensions of many Americans and

Why are we so unhappy?

May I offer a perplexing concept: is it possible that we have been trained to be unhappy? Think back at what we have been told

Stop and go SLOW

Mindfulness is all the vogue nowadays. Over seven hundred medical centers, hospitals and clinics recommend the practice. Commonly known as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR),

Finding the middle way

Looking at the world today, I am seeing extreme positions. In politics, it’s the Right and the Left, polarized and unyielding regardless of the issue;

Living in a world gone mad

My husband looked up from the newspaper, a mournful, puzzled look suggesting the question he was to ask was more a request for help than

Replace Rigidity with Compassion and Empathy

As today’s rancorous political climate accentuates, we live in a highly polarized world. The scale reads “Right/Wrong” with acrimony on both ends. This turning of

Today’s pain can be tomorrow’s joy

No one is immune to hurt feelings.  Girlfriends and boyfriends break up; husbands and wives have disagreements; employees get wrongfully fired; creative work gets criticized