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Living in a world gone mad

My husband looked up from the newspaper, a mournful, puzzled look suggesting the question he was to ask was more a request for help than information.

“Arlene, the world has gone mad. I’m reading about the deadly explosions in Brussels, Isis suicide bombings in Istanbul and Somalia, poisonous lead in our water, a tragic plane crash in Russia, rockets fired by North Korea, stabbings in Israel, the worst drought in decades in India and South Africa, the life-threatening Zika virus, rampant racism in our cities and 60 million people in the world at risk of malnutrition. What are we to make of this? How do we live normal, decent lives in the midst of such indifference, brutality and carnage?”

I thought about my answer carefully. Because I knew breakfast tables all around the world were confronting similar questions and how I and they responded would determine the future for generations to come.

My choice is to remain optimistic. For humanity, for our planet, there is no other choice.

I believe in the basic good that exists in all of us. Those who commit the atrocities and acts of monstrous cruelty have taken the space of darkness so we can see and embrace the contrasting light.

We all are products of our particular families, cultures and environments but we have the inner wisdom that guides us to choose our own path. We are facing the eternal questions that our teachers ask each generation of students. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?

My answer is, I am consciousness; I came from consciousness; I am going back to consciousness.

Let me elaborate on that somewhat austere sentence. There are questions so vast in scope and deep in meaning we simply cannot answer them on our own. We have to put the answer into ‘Spirit’s’ hands or whatever your visualization is for the undetectable but undeniable presence of our Source.

I often do an exercise with my clients to explore their own heart. I ask them to literally do just that, to visualize going into the heart and telling me what they see, sense and feel. For some there is blocked emotion to work through, but ultimately the description is the same: warm, safe and peaceful. Clearly, within all of us, the heart is the source of unconditional love; the core of who we are.

I choose to live with that belief. To do otherwise would be unbearable.

Perhaps you would be interested in exploring your own heart center. Call me to talk further about the process.

With Love and Light,

Arlene Englander, L.C.S.W.