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Finding the middle way

Looking at the world today, I am seeing extreme positions. In politics, it’s the Right and the Left, polarized and unyielding regardless of the issue; climate change, gun control, immigration…each side obstinately holding tight to their entrenched belief.

In my office as well, paralleling the political climate, I often hear clients trying to deal with personal, emotional issues from only one side or the other; unwilling to compromise; insisting on all or nothing.  Sadly, with this point of view there is no room for movement toward a satisfactory resolution.

Fortunately there exists an alternative way of ‘thinking,’ literally an approach to how we think! One of the many brilliant concepts of Kundalini Yoga is that we have three minds: positive, negative and neutral.

It is important not to confuse the capability of the neutral mind with ‘neutrality,’ as in not taking sides.  To the contrary, the neutral, yogic mind absorbs both positions and merges them so as to arrive at a non-inflammatory, middle-ground alternative to extremism on one side or the other.

We need our negative mind to protect us, our positive mind to expand our horizons, and our neutral mind to evaluate the risk/reward of both directions; and to find the middle way.

How do we develop our neutral mind? Followers of Kundalini Yoga have a discipline to guide them, a daily practice of specific meditations.  But all of us can activate our neutral mind and find the forward path that balances right and left.  It requires an exploration of how our personal beliefs were formulated and the release of emotional blocks that keep us irrevocably tied to dogma and ideology. From this exploration the neutral mind – and the middle way – emerges.

I am at your service if you would like to seek insight into the three minds concept – the positive, the negative and the neutral.  Together we can find your own middle way… and the harmony that it brings into your life.