In-Sourcing Blog

When the world feels grim and you are floundering, have a conversation with your Inner Light

Sometimes the world is too much with us.  It’s as if a malaise creeps in under the transom and thickens the air with gloom. The headlines bode ill, political discourse is toxic; your daily quarter hour of peaceful meditation is beset by dark clouds that your mantra cannot dispel.

It is time to in-source.

A decade ago I wrote with my husband “The Insourcing Handbook: Where and How to Find the Happiness You Deserve.”  The theme of the book remains timely, reminding us we already have all we need within us to find spiritual doorways to that deep, joyful, light within all of us, guiding us through the outer layer – the ego self – into the inner realm – the spiritual self – so you can experience who you really are at your core.

The process of ‘looking within’ begins by intuitively knowing that the source of unconditional love exists as a reservoir of compassion, kindness, forgiveness and amity that flows within you always.  Draw from this infinite pool by visualizing your heart center like a big bright sunshine. Breathe deeply and open your heart. Be willing to see past your own and others’ failings. And your Inner Light will appear.

When issues seem so big and deep that you simply can’t resolve them on your own, put it in Spirit’s hands, calling for assistance by whatever name you use for your image of something bigger than yourself, your connection to the universal Source.

Feel in your heart the connection to your inner Spirit, the part of you that lives beyond our little lifetime and hear that higher part of you remind you: “You are a bright, beautiful, loving, talented person, deserving of much love!” If your issue goes back into childhood, then see your inner-child resting safely within your heart confiding to your adult-self… child and parent bathed in love and light.

Genuine, lasting happiness is not contingent on outside forces or influences. Rather, it comes from inside us; thus, “inner happiness.”   As mystics, yogis and saints have taught us throughout the ages, the subtle body that resides in harmony with our physical form helps clear away the veils that keep us from finding our true voice and using it to live a fulfilled life of joy and wonder.

We can counteract the darkness of the world. Imagine a spark of light emanating from your heart center, directed to someone else’s heart, as if lighting a candle.  Imagine that ‘someone’ sending the spark to someone else… and so on and so on, keeping the chain going, illuminating the darkness.