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You are love and light

There’s nothing wrong with firming our resolve to lose a few pounds in the coming year or reminding ourselves to get down to the exercise room more often.  But too often, making resolutions suggests that we have to make changes in ourselves.

I believe that premise is incorrect. Who we are at our core is love and light.  And that is immutable.

Love is the purest of energies, the highest vibration that connects us to the universe, and each other.  It enables us to have empathy and compassion for people, teaching us to understand ourselves and others from a place of no judgment.

Light is equally powerful. It is healing and illuminating, helping us to see past the distractions of the day-to-day and to perceive what is real and purposeful, tapping into that inner wisdom that helps us stay on the right path. Sometimes the light is not apparent; on a cloudy day we don’t see the sun, but we know it has risen.

Rather than making the new year’s resolutions that suggest we must change who we are, we can instead look at what is deterring our love and blocking our light.  Is it a false belief? Is it an inability to manage our emotions? Is it a survival mechanism from childhood that no longer works?

Paradoxically, having loving compassion for those misplaced parts of ourselves helps us find them!

So if you get on the scale this time next year and the dial hasn’t moved, you’re still “you!”

You’re still attuned to the vibrating energy of love, still on the path made clear by the unique light shining within.